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What we do

We accelerate the digital transformation
of business with a focus on people

Excelencia en el retail

Excellence in retail

We transform stores into true gold standards for customer experience.

Transformación comercial digital

Digital commercial transformation

We ensure that commercial teams take advantage of the digital opportunity.

Herramientas de productividad comercial

Commercial productivity tools

We encourage the adoption of commercial tools.

Transformación cultural

Cultural transformation

We develop the skills required to compete in the digital environment.

Gestión del talento digital

Digital talent management

We identify and develop emerging talent within organizations.

Herramientas de productividad comercial

Agile leadership

We develop leaders to compete in a VUCA environment.

Nuevas formas ágiles de trabajo

New agile ways of working

We adapt agile methodologies to organizations' processes and we help incorporate them within teams.

Oficinas ágiles de transformación

Agile transformation offices

We support business transformation by using change management methodologies.

Ecosistemas de aprendizaje

Learning ecosystems

We take advantage of technology and new forms of learning to implement development

Somos innovadores
somos retadores
Somos innovadores
somos retadores
somos moebians
Somos innovadores
somos moebians
Somos innovadores

How we do it

We are innovative, we are
challengers, we are Moebians

Good professionals who love a challenge. We ride the digital wave. And like every wave, every project is unique. Our way of to do so is close to the customer, with an open mind and a flexible approach. and creative.

Our manifesto

We know business and people: we grow as we help our clients' businesses grow; we work with their teams to generate value and turn strategy into reality.

Our manifesto

We love challenges: we have a vocation to be part of the great transformation challenges of our clients.

Our manifesto

We are close: we get one hundred percent involved with each client, we become part of their team, we are there when they need us and we experience their challenges as our own.

Our manifesto

We see each project as unique: we understand our clients, we know their challenges and we look for the best way to solve them.

Our manifesto

We are creative: we enjoy what we do, we look for ways to innovate, change and adapt to each project.

Our manifesto

We co-create in an open and flexible way: we work with our clients on a professional-to-professional basis, without giving lessons.

About us

Management Team

Valentín Nomparte

Commercial and Sales Effectiveness

Agustin Rosety

Retail and Commercial Digital Transformation

Daniel Cordón

Skill Development and HR Agility

Ignacio de Jorge

Cultural Transformation and Agile Leadership

Xavier Rodriguez

Barcelona office partner

Carlos Pérez Phagouapé

Mexico office partner

Susana Quintas

Operations and Digital Learning

Javier Perez

Banking and Insurance

Marcelo Cardini

Agility, Culture and Leadership

Miriam Lopez

Cultural Transformation

Rafa Tellez

Energy and Retail

Jaime Palacios

B2B and Industry

Javier Santolaya

Retail Consumption