Management systems policy

QUALITY and RESPECT for the ENVIRONMENT are values which set Moebius Consulting apart and make us stand out in the consulting industry.

Moebius Management has committed, along with the entire company, to QUALITY and the ENVIRONMENT. For this purpose, it has an Integrated Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, and it applies to Moebius Consulting, Moebius School and Moebius Barcelona with the following scope:

“National and international training and consultancy services specializing in commercial and human resources areas”

  • In terms of Quality:
  1. To understand the expectations of our clients and other interested parties in order to deliver competitive products and services to their complete satisfaction.
  2. To encourage a culture of innovation and development, continually improving our products and services.
  3. To promote the involvement of company employees by exchanging information, internal communication, training, recognition of achievements and ongoing training. Our priorities are:
  4. a) To meet client expectations above other considerations
  5. b) To only take part in projects for which we can 100% guarantee excellent results
  6. c) Based on our experience and knowledge, to identify our client’s genuine needs and adapt our solutions accordingly.
  • In terms of the Environment:

To encourage an environmentally-friendly culture, guaranteeing its protection and conservation, focusing the Organization’s activity on:

  1. Complying with applicable environmental regulations, continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  2. Consistently identifying and evaluating the environmental aspects inherent to the business, in order to determine their nature, extent and effect.
  3. Guiding the company’s actions towards positive environmental performance and complying with any commitments made.
  4. Informing suppliers and subcontractors of the environmental and quality requirements inherent to the services provided, establishing measures to ensure compliance.

Consequently, Management asks all Moebius employees to embody this Policy through their work, cooperating to establish an atmosphere which fosters progress, quality of service and environmental protection within the Organization. This will benefit us, our environment and the future of our company.