“Managing sales teams
involves a lot of science and a bit of art”

Sales Team Management is one of the most important callenges faced by organisations that are strongly results-oriented

At Moebius Consulting we work with sales managers from 3 perspectives:

abaco The definiton of consistent and predicable management systems
 manos-75  Individual support to the sales team, focusing on the person and their development
 microscopio-75  Technology as leverage for activating digital skills that contribute value and effectiveness to management

Solutions that we can work on with different scopes: From integrated end to end solutions, topartial solutions focusing on capabilities or challenges at a sales management level

Sales organisations that develop their work systems, as well as their managers’ management skills, are able to optimise their efforts and strategy alignment


“Sales management has likely been one of the activities that has evolved most over these year”

Sales activity has undergone a profound evolution in recent times. Customer focus, the Internet, social networks, sophisticated consumer habits, collaborations, saturation of supply and the concentration of purposes have meant that the sales role has had to incorporate a pool of capabilities that were unimaginable until now

At Moebius Consulting we boost commercial management capacities by integrating:

The specific nature of the sector (banking, telco, fMCG, retail, pharmaceutical and utilities) and the function (KAMs, characterised specialist figures, trade and shopper marketing, retail, contact centres) for the definition of systems for commercial action
  The impact of technology on the sales process and the coordination of internal teams (multi-channel, multi-functional and remote teams)
   The enhancement of personal effectiveness in global/broader environments, with maximum demands, where professional and personal lines are becoming increasingly blurred

Organisations that develop the sales skills of their representatives will improve their positioning, margins, effectiveness and agility

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